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Tips for Men's Dressing In Autumn and Winter

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The matching of clothes is a constantly updated course. With the changing of the seasons and the changing of trends, the rules for dressing up also need to change accordingly. Many men are not very good at dressing. Often the more clothes they have, the more they are unable to start, and they don't know how to match them. This will waste a lot of time and not match well.

As a matter of fact, dressing and matching is a routine, which is always the same, just like when doing math problems, as long as the formula is memorized, the problem will be easy to do. In fact, there are formulas for dressing and matching, as long as you remember the following four formulas, you can wear a tall and handsome look in winter!

1. No more than three colors

The colors of autumn and winter are inevitably a little dull, but this does not mean that you can dress yourself colorfully. Whenever the color matching of clothes is very important, improper matching will not only affect the temperament, but also affect the height visually. Under normal circumstances, there should be no more than three main colors of clothing all over the body. If there are too many colors, it will be messy, and the shape will look more impetuous. It is far from a safe and decent combination of refreshing and simple colors.

2. The top is loose and the bottom is tight.

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The matching method of loose tops and tight-fitting bottoms is very classic, and this kind of matching basically can't go wrong. Even two items with different styles can be refreshed and elegant through the combination of such a version. Warm sweaters and full-blown jackets are the mainstream items in autumn and winter. The loose version will appear more relaxed and comfortable. In order not to lower the proportion of the lower body, it is just right to wear small black pants or straight jeans with a slim fit.

3. Wear high-waisted pants if the legs are short

The actual height of some boys is not tall, but they don't seem to be too short. This is because his body proportions are more coordinated, and the long legs can enhance the sense of height. Therefore, regardless of the size of boys, wear clothes to extend the proportion of the legs as much as possible. The high-waisted trousers are an excellent single product for shaping long legs. High-waisted pants can correct your body proportions and make you look taller and handsome.

4. Wear a high collar if the neck is long

Some boys have long necks. When wearing clothes, it is best not to choose clothes with a low neckline like a big V-neck. Otherwise, this kind of clothes will lengthen your upper body proportions, and if you are not careful, you will wear a five-to-fifth super short look. Wearing high-necked clothes in the autumn and winter seasons can keep warm and well cover the long neck, making the body proportion more coordinated.

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