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Tips for buying a good down jacket

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Down jackets are generally made of duck down mixed with some small feathers, and then filled into fabrics after high temperature disinfection. Because of its good warmth retention and light wearing feeling, it is popular with the public. Today we will talk about how to buy down jackets.

1. Shop according to function requirements.

When buying down jackets, you must first determine your functional requirements, which means you are going to wear your down jackets in those environments.

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⑴. Climbing 8000-meter mountain peaks and polar expeditions: The harshest environment is of course the most professional demand. The fabrics of down jackets require waterproof, windproof, breathable, and sufficient warmth. One-piece down jacket is a good choice.

(2) Climbing ordinary snow-capped mountains: First of all, there should be enough warm down jackets, and at the same time, it is best to be long. In terms of structure, it is easy to adopt a three-dimensional box structure, and the fabric is required to be waterproof, windproof and breathable. It is also possible to use a liner-style down jacket to add a jacket on the outer layer.

⑶. Long-distance travel: Generally, the time on the road is longer, and the environment passed by is also very different. In other words, there may be situations where down jackets are needed to keep out the cold in some places and T-shirts may be worn in some places. Therefore, the requirements for down jackets are small size and light weight, which can be compressed and placed in a small corner of the backpack when they are not needed.

⑷. Short-distance mountain hikes: The temperature will not be too low, and down jackets are generally only used in rest or camps. Therefore, the requirements for down jackets are also small in size, light in weight, and comfortable and soft to wear.

⑸ Skiing: down jackets suitable for skiing should have good ventilation effect and should not be too thick. The close-fitting design prevents the wind resistance effect, and the fabric has high abrasion resistance.

2. Choose the right size

The size of down jackets varies from person to person, some prefer looser ones, and some prefer close-fitting ones. Generally speaking, if it is an outer-wearing mountaineering down jacket, it needs to be relatively loose, and at least the thickness of underwear and fleece should be left inside. The down jacket, which is used as an inner liner, is relatively close to the body. In addition, pay attention to the length of the sleeves not to be too short, the appropriate length is when the arm is vertical, the cuffs are level with the fingertips.

3. Choose the color of the down jacket according to your preferences and functional needs

The color of outdoor down jackets is also gradually changing with fashion, but because of the particularity of outdoor sports, compared with casual down jackets, there are still special characteristics, and they tend to be brighter and more saturated with colors. Generally speaking, for down jackets that are more professional for climbing snowy mountains, they are more inclined to the two colors of medium yellow and red, which are more eye-catching on a white background. As for some down jackets that can be used as inner tanks, used on weekend mountain hikes or long-distance trips or urban outdoor dual-use, the color saturation will be relatively low.

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