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Tips on the Care of Different Fabrics

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The renewal and development of fabrics beautify people's lives and promote the development of the clothing industry, so how to wash and protect clothes with different fabrics? Let's take a look. 

1. Chiffon

The texture of chiffon is light and transparent, and the hand feels soft and flexible.

Washing method

1. Soak and wash, and finally stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage;

2. Wash gently, avoid scrubbing hard, twisting, and hard;

3. When washing and immersing, the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees;

4. Dry naturally after washing, do not wring out forcefully;

5. It should be dry in the shade, avoid sun exposure, to avoid fading, and not to dry;

6. Wash separately from other clothes.

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1. The thickly decorated chiffon is best to be placed flat in the wardrobe, so that it is not easy to deform;

2. Do not touch water, if it is partially wetted, just soak and wash, and finally stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage;

3. Drain naturally after washing, don't wring it out forcefully;

4. The chiffon dress that has been worn once cannot be placed in a plastic pocket, preferably in a fabric pocket, which is breathable and will not be contaminated with dust;

5. Chiffon clothes with sleeves should be hung on a hanger. Choose a hanger made of fabric, or wrap both ends of the hanger with a small towel, so that the sleeves are not easily deformed;

6. When spraying perfume, pay attention to spraying from a long distance to avoid leaving yellow spots.

2. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has good moisture absorption, it is comfortable and durable to wear.

Washing method:

1. Please wash the garments mainly made of cotton and linen separately by hand washing. If you use machine washing, please use a gentle washing method to wash separately, and the washing time should not exceed 30 minutes;

2. Cotton, linen and silk fabrics are not suitable for soaking. Wash them with cold water. It is best to add a spoonful of salt in cold water for the first washing;

3. Please use neutral laundry detergent or special laundry detergent, such as sesame detergent. Prohibit the use of detergents containing chlorine and enzymes;

4. Wash cotton clothes separately from other clothes; the soaking time should not be too long to avoid fading.


1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause fading and yellowing;

2. Separate dark and light colors;

3. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid dampness to avoid mildew;


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3. Lace fabric

The lace fabric is thin and transparent, with an elegant and mysterious artistic effect.

Washing method:

1. Please put it in a laundry bag and wash gently;

2. After washing, iron the lace with a low-temperature iron to keep the lace pattern from being distorted;

3. It is recommended to wash by hand and wash with a neutral detergent.


1. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, slight yarn hooking is a normal phenomenon;

2. Do not store lace clothing in a humid, unventilated place, so as not to cause plaque and fading;

3. Avoid placing it with rough and hard clothing to prevent the lace from hooking off.

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