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Washing Of Cotton-Padded Clothes

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After the severe cold, the earth warmed up and spring arrived. People have taken off the thick and warm cotton-padded clothes, but how to clean the taken-off cotton-padded clothes correctly makes many people feel annoyed. Most of the cotton-padded clothes are filled with cotton, and there are usually many precautions for the cleaning of this type of clothing. Improper cleaning methods are prone to damage or fillings that affect the warmth of the clothes. Let me introduce to you how to clean cotton-padded clothes.

1. Wash the cotton by hand

When everyone buys clothes, there will be a small label on the clothes, which not only clearly writes the material of the clothes, but also writes the washing method of the clothes. Generally speaking, cotton-padded clothes need to be washed by hand. If you don't believe it, you can also read the labels on the cotton-padded clothes. Although hand washing cotton-padded clothes is very laborious, there is no alternative. Because if it is washed with a washing machine, it is easy to pile the cotton wool together during the washing process, which will affect its warmth retention effect.

2. Put less detergent

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When washing clothes, some people like to pour a lot of detergent into the water for fear of not being clean. The final result is that after washing, there are a lot of bubbles in the water, and when you touch it, everything is slippery. When washing cotton-padded clothes by hand, put as little detergent as possible. The amount of detergent needed for a cotton-padded garment is about the same as that of a jacket. Because the water absorption of cotton clothing is very high, the detergent will penetrate into the deep layer of the cotton clothing, making it difficult to rinse the cotton clothing. When we put a small amount of detergent, we actually dilute the detergent. In this way, the influence of detergent on the warmth of cotton clothes is minimized.

3. Rinse with warm water

The main purpose of rinsing cotton-padded clothes in warm water is to make the detergent work better. As mentioned earlier, when washing cotton by hand, try to put as little detergent as possible, and warm water can greatly increase the effect of detergent. When you wash the cotton-padded clothes, try to focus on the cuffs and necklines and other areas that are easy to get dirty, and gently scrub them with a soft brush. After washing it, rinse off the detergent on the cotton clothes as soon as possible, so as not to affect the thermal performance of the cotton clothes.

5. Don't wring out water

When we wash clothes, we basically wring out the water after washing to increase the drying speed of the clothes. But when washing the cotton-padded clothes, do not wring out the water, because if we wrung out hard, the cotton wool in the cotton-padded clothes will stick together due to external force. And because of the adsorption of water, they will not separate. After drying, the cotton coat will easily become lumps and not fluffy enough. The warming effect has naturally decreased a lot.

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