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What Color to Wear For People With Dark Skin

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White skin can make your appearance and temperament look better. However, some people's skin is naturally dark. In addition to whitening, they can only achieve a whitening effect through the color of their clothes. So, let us introduce some colors suitable for people with dark skin.

1. White color

White is a super elegant color system, giving people a very generous feeling. People with fair skin will look whiter if they wear white clothes. And the dark-skinned friends can achieve the whitening effect by wearing white clothes. For people with dark skin, when choosing clothing colors, they must first choose slightly bright but not too bright colors, and white is the best choice. People with dark skin can choose white tops, which can make your face look whiter!

2. Sky blue color

The sky blue gives a very refreshing feeling, with a natural taste. In addition, sky blue is a very suitable color for dark-skinned friends. More importantly, sky blue can be said to be a color created for people with dark skin. Dark-skinned friends, choose sky blue clothes in the summer! The sky blue clothes are not only super-looking but also make you look white!

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3. Red color

Red is also a classic color, and red is also a festive color. When there is a happy event, we all like to wear red clothes to celebrate. Red can brighten the complexion well, and the higher saturation can also bring a whitening effect to you with dark skin. Dark-skinned people wear red clothes that look very nice and show white temperament, which can make you look more radiant when you have a dark complexion. Of course, wearing red clothes in summer is also very absorbing, so that others will notice you at a glance.

4. Army green color

The super handsome army green has a little tough style, and it also gives a rich sense of layering. Dark-skinned friends wear military green shirts that are super nice and white, which complements the complexion and enhances the temperament. The army green top is paired with white casual pants. It is super fashionable and beautiful. It is also a color match for dark-skinned friends!

DTWSR007 SKU-06-绿色

5.Orange-yellow color

It is said that yellow is very white, but not all yellows are white. For example, bright yellow is only suitable for white leather wear. So, what shade of yellow is suitable for people with dark skin? Of course it is orange-yellow! Orange-yellow looks very vibrant, dark-skinned people can wear orange-yellow clothes to set off the complexion, it is most suitable to wear in summer!

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