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What Is Clothing Pattern-Making

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Clothing pattern-making is to make a model of the creative design of clothing, the official name should be garment structure design. Garment structure design is an important part of garment design and the core technology of garment factories. It is a bridge connecting creative design and process design. According to the designer's clothing renderings and specifications, or according to the customer's model and specifications, the clothing structure designer uses planar or three-dimensional structure design techniques, according to the principle of changes in the human body, and first makes a clean base map. Then he uses different methods (either by computer printing, or manual copying, etc.) to peel the samples from the base map with cardboard. Finally, he added nine aspects of the designer's paper pattern to the sample.

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Four steps to clothing pattern making

The first step is to determine the basic type. First, determine the basic type of clothing according to the style of clothing. For example, if you make a group pattern, you can make a group-based type, and if you use a top-loading pattern, you can make a group-based type.

The second step is to determine the base map. Firstly, analyze what kind of requirements the new style has, and change the basic model according to the requirements of the clothing style, and finally meet the requirements of the new style.

The third step is to copy the paper pattern, copy the paper pattern on the base map, and add nine aspects to the paper pattern.

The fourth step is to review the paper pattern. After making the paper pattern, be sure to check the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the paper pattern.


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Clothing pattern-making affects the shape of the finished product

After the clothing pattern is made, the samples must be turned into finished products with fabrics, because the following factors basically affect the shape of the finished products.

1. Clothing structure: Whether the matching of specifications is reasonable. Different parts have different specifications and combinations, and appropriate adjustments should be made according to the frequency and amplitude of people's common activities. You can't blindly measure by static clothing specifications.

2. Clothing fabrics: clothing fabrics are thick or thin, with or without elasticity, elasticity, verticality, etc.

3. Clothing technology: different parts should be equipped with different car methods, stitches, and thread thicknesses. For stretch garments, attention should also be paid to the pulling force of the hand on the garment when sewing.


Clothing pattern-making must have a certain technological basis. No matter which part of your pattern is drawn, you must know the craftsmanship of that part. Otherwise, it often happens that the typed version cannot be made, or the effect is far different. In addition to manual operations, many companies now require computer operations, that is, clothing computer CAD. There are many kinds of CAD software, but the basic operating principles are the same. The key is to use them skillfully.

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