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What Jacket Does the Dress Match?

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In the hot summer, the collocation is simple and cool. A one-piece dress is basically worn alone, but in order to prevent the skin from aging and growing spots due to the wind and sun, a dress with a jacket is a very good choice. Let's talk about the jackets that are suitable for dresses.

1. Dress with sun protection shirt

The breathable and sweat-absorbent cotton and linen dress is matched with a long sunscreen shirt, which does not affect the breathability and is very elegant. Especially white with light green, it is very cool. There are also short sunscreen shirts, which reduce the sense of elegance but better separate the body proportions. In addition to knitted sun protection shirts, you can also match professional UV protection sun protection shirts, or chiffon-like sun protection shirts with an elegant feeling.

2. Dress with denim jacket

The vigorous and age-reducing denim jacket is a style used all year round. For example, with a white dress, it looks very fresh. A printed skirt that is easy to show old fashioned with a denim jacket can not only weaken the effect of showing old printing, but also cover a large area of printing to increase vitality. Wearing a printed skirt with small pointed leather shoes gives you the cuteness of a little woman, and wearing a denim jacket looks very young and energetic. It can also be directly matched with a denim shirt, and the strapping method is more casual and natural. When paired with denim jackets properly, choosing a solid color dress is more advanced and atmospheric. Match it with sports shoes or flat shoes, this kind of match is easy to wear and elegant, and reveals a sense of leisure and casualness.

3. Dress with suit


This combination is very suitable for women in the workplace. When going to work, some dresses inevitably look a little less formal, such as a shoulder or a gauze skirt. But with a suit jacket, even a skirt with a see-through effect can be worn. If you pair a suit jacket with a short dress, the loose space at the hem can stretch your legs and make your legs look longer.

4. Dress with vest

This kind of collocation will make it easy to wear a good proportion of skirts with inconspicuous waistlines. And this kind of match looks more handsome and individual, and with a wide-brimmed hat, you will look very cool. If matched with a knitted vest, the casual personality is more prominent. It can also be matched with a pullover vest, but this is a more decorative effect. If women in the workplace dislike the sultry heat of dresses and suits. You can also match the dress with a more formal suit vest, or a windbreaker-style vest.

5. Leather jacket with dress

Leather clothing can be said to be a coat that can cope with all kinds of weather changes. It is also easy to match with a dress, and it is easy to create a handsome and fashionable style.

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