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What Kind of Coat Makes You Look Tall

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As the weather gets colder, it's time to wear a coat again. No matter if you are tall or short, the right coat can make people look tall and thin. But how can we choose the most prominent coat? Today we will discuss together.

1. The shoulder line is suitable

In winter, after we put on the coat, the most obvious thing from a distance is the contrast between the width of the shoulder line and the waist line. Therefore, if you want to look tall and thin, you must first pay attention to the choice of the shoulder line of a good coat. Oversize is very popular in the past two years, but if you are of average height, the normal shoulder line is neat. Otherwise, if the shoulders are wider, the width will naturally increase without changing the height, and the person will look shorter.

Cocoon coats with inconspicuous shoulder lines and waist lines are also inconspicuous. This kind of coat is especially easy to appear short when worn by short people. Among the coats, the H-shaped coat looks very tall. The naturally falling lines allow it to flexibly follow the changes in body shape, forming a smooth and long body, which shows a high effect and is naturally good.


And because the X-shaped coat has a contrast between the shoulder line and the waist line, it can also make the figure wider and narrower in the autumn and winter when the curve is not obvious, so as to achieve the effect of unevenness. However, when choosing this type of coat, we must choose a version with a waist design on the side, so as to increase the body's center of gravity.

2. Use the color of the coat to look tall

The coat is slender, and the choice of color has become the key to being taller and thinner. If the solid-color coat is not tall enough, put two pieces of clothes into one, with one color on the left and right. It feels that the body is narrowed by half, and it will naturally appear taller and thinner. An Asian blogger in the Netherlands likes to wear this recently. He wears a height of 158 out of 165. If you are worried that the coat of this design will be outdated too quickly, you can also put a scarf of different colors on one side on your shoulders, and then tie the hem around your belt to manually create a thin and fashionable style of "half sea, half flame". In fact, even if you just put the scarf directly on your shoulders, you can still divide your body into vertical strips. In addition to this method, diagonal lines can also create a dynamic and slim effect. If there is a diagonal design on the hem, it can also make a person look slimmer and taller.

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