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What is filled in the down jacket?

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Down jackets are tops filled with down stuffing and have a large and round appearance. Down jackets generally account for more than half of the duck down. At the same time, they can be mixed with some fine feathers. The duck down can be cleaned, sterilized by high temperature, and then filled into the clothes to become a down jacket.

The most common fillers in down jackets are goose down and duck down. These two are divided by color, and can be divided into white down and gray down. In terms of price, the down jackets on the market are in the following order: white goose down>grey goose down>white duck down>grey duck down. It may be affected by the order of selling prices, so many people think that these velvets are also ordered in terms of quality, but this is not the case. Through theoretical research and practical experience of down, goose down of the same quality and down content is generally better than duck down in terms of warmth and bulkiness. But the color has little to do with the quality of down jackets.

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As for why the white velvet is more expensive, the main reason is that the white velvet looks better than the gray, and it is not transparent in light or dark fabrics. The gray down is much more picky, and only down jackets can be placed in dark fabrics. The white color is light, and the suitable fabric range is wider. The second reason is that the fiber structure of white velvet is relatively thin, soft and long. The fiber length makes it more bulky and easier to keep warm.

Generally speaking, larger and more mature birds have better down quality, so goose down will be better. However, the production process of goose down and duck down is the same, and the two are not much different in quality, bulkiness, and warmth retention. The most important reason why goose down is more expensive than duck down is that the output of goose down is far lower than that of duck down. Goose down can only be produced once a year, and duck down can be produced up to three times a year.

Down jackets contain down and feathers. Down is the hair that does not contain feathers from the neck to the chest and abdomen of water birds such as geese and ducks. Because this part of the hair is often immersed in water, it not only has a certain degree of water resistance, but its ability to keep warm and cold is also the best of the whole body. In addition, because the fluff in this part has no feathers, it is very soft, with long fibers and high bulkiness, and a small equivalent volume. It is the most excellent material for making down jackets. Feathers in down jackets refer to the hairs on other parts of the body besides the above-mentioned fluff. They are generally flaky with feathers in the middle. Feathers have limited warmth retention.

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